Small business owners are ready to rejoice — or just scratch their heads again: Nathan Fielder returns with another season of Nathan for You, a for-profit Comedy Central series in which the Canadian comedian who majored in business at the University of Victoria tries to give the little guys some big ideas to pimp their bottom lines. If the following trailer for season 2 (which begins July 1 at 10:30 p.m.) is any indication, there will no be sophomore slump when it comes to his money-making ploys. An auto mechanic who submits to a lie detector test to prove his honesty? A liquor store that boasts that it sells to minors? A smartly named coffee shop that capitalizes on the industry leader’s buzz? A pet store that advertises on a tombstone at a pet cemetery? A naked Nathan wearing a bald cap while sandwiched in…something? Not exactly sure what that last one is about, but press play to see what happens when commerce meets comedy.

Nathan for You
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