Veruca Salt
Credit: Piper Ferguson

Veruca Salt

Record Store Day 2014 marked the official recorded return of Veruca Salt, the Chicago-born quartet whose albums American Thighs and Eight Arms To Hold You are definitive entries in any ’90s alt-rock fan’s collection. The band’s original lineup—Louise Post, Nina Gordon, Steve Lack, and Jim Shapiro—hadn’t played together since 1998, but they have stormed back with a pair of tracks on a limited-edition 10-inch piece of vinyl that ended up being one of the big gets of RSD.

The first new track, “The Museum of Broken Relationships,” already got a video treatment, and EW is super-pleased to be premiering the group’s clip for “It’s Holy.” Comprised of performance footage and clips of fans experiencing the new songs in their own homes (and on a charming variety of turntables), “It’s Holy” contains all the power and beauty that made Veruca Salt hitmakers in the first place. Crank up the exclusive world premiere clip of “It’s Holy” below.

The band just kicked off a fresh tour that will take them around the country, so check their official site for the head’s up on when they’ll be rolling through your town. After wrapping up in Boston at the end of July, they’ve got another series of dates scheduled in Australia for the end of September, and in the interim we’ll keep fingers crossed for more new music. In the meantime, you can still rock out to the new tracks even if you couldn’t track down the vinyl—both “The Museum of Broken Relationships” and “It’s Holy” are currently available on iTunes.