Premature Clip

In Groundhog Day, Bill Murray wakes up every day in the same Pennsylvania hamlet to repeatedly endure the most provincial of American holidays. In Edge of Tomorrow, Tom Cruise’s day is reset every time he takes a bullet in the head or gets killed by invading aliens. In the new comedy Premature, a teenager is stuck in a similar time loop, but his reset button might be the most excruciating yet: failed—but extremely close!—attempts to lose his virginity.

Dan Beers, who famously landed Murray for his 2008 short, FCU: Fact Checkers Unit, came up with the idea for Premature with co-writer Mathew Harawitz. “We were thinking of a Groundhog Day type loop structure, but what would be the most embarrassing thing you would have to actually go through every time?” Beers says. “Having to actually fail to have sex for the first time over and over again. Matt had the idea of instead of having the clock radio going off, as in Groundhog Day, the mom comes in, [finds him in that exposed position], and says that one line over and over again.”

Enjoy this slightly NSFW exclusive clip:

John Karna plays Rob, whose day just so happens to include his important college interview with the admissions officer from Georgetown (Alan Tudyk). Nothing goes right, obviously—at least at first. But after repeating the day over and over again, he slowly learns to navigate the high school bullies and amorous opportunities that confound and tantalize him.

For Beers, Premature was more than just a Groundhog Day homage, but a throwback to the types of 1980s movies that boys watched when their parents weren’t home. “It has the perverse nature of those ’80s sex comedies, like Porky’s, combined with the spirit of John Hughes films that had a great deal of heart,” says Beers. “If there’s a bomb in a movie and you see the bomb under the table, you know the bomb will eventually go off, but how and when? And our bomb was in Rob’s pants. You know every day it’s going to go off, but we had fun with the how and when.”

So, uh, Dan… has your mother seen the movie yet?

“I’m sure every mom who has a son has walked into something similar at least at one point in her life,” Beers says, with a chuckle. “[My mom] saw an earlier cut of the film, and she said, ‘Danny, it’s so sweet.'”

Premature opens in theaters and VOD on July 2.