''I always hated Seinfeld — I never found it to be funny, and everyone is just grating personalities.'' — Chris V. ''I am with you…
Credit: Andrew Eccles/NBC

Too long relegated to sad, dusty obscurity, the mostly forgotten ’90s comedy gem Seinfeld will finally resurface on TBS later this month. In a press release, the network encouraged the series’s network of few-and-far-between fans to tweet with the hashtag #seinfeld25 as they discuss episodes of the critically acclaimed show about a New York comic and his quirky gang of friends. Perhaps now Jerry, Elaine, George, and Kramer will get the recognition and the exposure they always deserved.

From June 30 through July 5, TBS will air 25 of Seinfeld‘s most famous episodes—including “The Chinese Restaurant,” “The Serenity Now,” “The Puffy Shirt,” and “The Contest”—culled from the series’s immensely successful nine-season run (1989-1998). Episodes will air in two-hour blocks each night, concluding with a five-episode insta-binge on Saturday. Seinfeld is widely regarded as one of the greatest sitcoms ever, and the show’s stars made news earlier this year for appearing in a Super Bowl commercial.

Hopefully new initiates to the ’90s sitcom will be able to follow the famously dense and intricate plotting of the “show about nothing.” If not, though, they can also catch reruns on TBS literally any weeknight during any given week.


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