Eric Bana as Sarchie in Deliver Us from Evil
Credit: Andrew Schwartz

Deliver Us From Evil is marketing itself as a horror film “inspired by the actual accounts of an NYPD sergeant.” In the film, Eric Bana plays a New York City cop named Ralph Sarchie who has a particular set of skills.

“I’m not a ghosthunter; I’m not a paranormal investigator; I’m a demonologist,” says the real Sarchie, in an exclusive documentary about his special work and how it’s changed his life. “I should’ve told you you this right up front: You’ve become involved in exposing the devil because of this film here,” he adds. “I have this message, and you can believe in it or not. I don’t really care.”

In this exclusive 14-minute video (which includes some colorful profanity), Sarchie explains his work and shares footage of an actual 1992 exorcism. Watch the clip below:

Deliver Us From Evil, which opens July 2, is directed by Scott Derrickson (Sinister), and co-stars Édgar Ramírez and Olivia Munn.

Deliver Us From Evil
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