Bjork 2011

“Björk” is going to be an art exhibition. We’re talking about the title of the retrospective, but we wouldn’t put it past the singer to somehow transform into the exhibition itself.

The Museum of Modern Art announced Wednesday that it will feature a retrospective dedicated to the Icelandic artist, including her musical career and collaborations. It is being organized by Klaus Biesenbach, MoMA’s curator at large.

The details of the exhibition—like much of Bjork’s plans for the universe—have yet to be fully revealed, but the artist’s website promises “elements spanning Björk’s entire 20-year solo career, including costumes, performances, instruments and more.” The exhibition will also include a text written by Björk and collaborator Sjon Sigurdsson which the museum describes as “both biographical and imaginatively fictitious.”

MoMA also announced that it has added the app version of Björk’s album “Biophilia” (2011) to its digital design collection, making it the first app in its holding (sorry, Angry Birds; Bjork has always been way ahead of you). In other news, Björk’s app’s not just living in the museum, it’s also being introduced to the school curriculum of several countries around Europe.

The exhibition will run from March 7 to June 7, 2015, a two-month long period Björk has probably already gifted with a delightfully whimsical name. And while Bjork is typically very hands off with how you approach her work, the word’s still out on whether your can lick the art at MoMA.