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And so it was written: A generation from now, the pregnant Elsas and Khaleesis of the world will look to their own pop culture before choosing trendy names for their own children.

Yes, British website has reported that for the first time, the name Elsa has cracked the top 100 most popular names, due in part to the massive success of the Disney animated feature Frozen. The trend isn’t entirely surprising: Baby names often follow pop culture trends. BabyCentre also pointed out that Logan, Wolverine’s name in X-Men, was popular with the guys, and who could forget the recent arrival of Khaleesi in the baby name game?

Elsa wasn’t alone in receiving a surge of popularity, however, BabyCentre combed through their database to reveal that Frozen‘s other heroes are starting to feel some naming heat: Kristoff, Hans, and even Sven are up big percentages. Olaf, sadly, is only up 4 percent (but 100 percent of Olafs do enjoy warm hugs).

Anna Hill, vice president of Disney UK, told BabyCentre, “Families are really connecting with Elsa’s fight to overcome her fears and the powerful strength of the family bond which has helped her to achieve this.” But let’s cut to the chase. If you were named after a Frozen character, this is what your parents were really thinking:

Elsa: We want our daughter to have superpowers be unique.

Anna: We follow trends, but don’t want anyone to notice.

Olaf: We were really hoping for a talking snowman, but a baby is cool too.

Kristoff: Isn’t Jonathan Groff great?

Sven: We hope no one, including our son, will realize we named him after a reindeer.

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