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 I’d like to start off this week with an apology to our incredibly loyal Bachelor Nation. It was completely out of our control but we were off last week due to an ABC News interview with Hillary Clinton. When our show is on the air I know we are a weekly escape for you on Monday nights and I know you all look forward watching as much as I love hosting each week. Last week we left you hanging and we weren’t there for you. While I can’t promise that it won’t ever happen again, please know that I am incredibly sorry it happened and I was very happy to be back in our normal time slot with another great episode last night.

This week we left the US and took the season international, making our first stop in Marseille, France. Marseille is a quaint seaside town and it was the perfect backdrop for Andi to continue her search to find love. The episode started with me sitting down with her at a little street corner cafe. She was in really good spirits to start the week as she admitted to me she’s falling in love. The only issue is that it was happening with more than one person. I know it’s an odd thing to say, but it’s what happens when you come in and really open yourself up to the possibilities, like Andi has.

Josh finally got his first one-on-one date with Andi. He had to wait a while but the wait was worth it. Getting to walk along the harbor then take out a sailboat to one of the many islands just off the coast was an incredibly romantic experience. Andi is really attracted to Josh but she just hasn’t been able to get past the fact that he’s the same type of guy she always gets burned by. The fact that they are both so open about this really helped put some of her worries at ease, but later on she told me it’s still a lingering issue. There’s no doubt the physical chemistry is there between them, but the question for Andi is, is there depth? She looked back to her shallow relationship with Juan Pablo and was worried about falling for that again. The night portion of their date involved dinner and a concert in a castle that has been turned into a museum. After dinner the two of them walked out to find Ben Fields out front playing his new song. I was hiding there to hear the concert, and it was so cool. The acoustics out front of the castle were so good. All the people in buildings in the area were coming to their windows and balconies for the free show.

The group date was… French. It’s interesting to set up a date where the point is that nobody talks. Watching the guys mime in the harbor for the locals was pure comedy. Chris had the best line when he looked right in the camera and in total deadpan stated, “There are no mimes in Iowa.” The real interesting part of this date was at the after party. First came the issue with Nick. The guys have had a problem with Nick for a little while now. For some reason he just rubs some of them the wrong way. I’ve seen this before on the show. Either Nick is just too arrogant and shoves his successes in everyone’s faces, or there’s just a little bit of jealousy towards someone that’s clearly getting attention from Andi. Either way, he’s not the most popular with the guys and this isn’t over yet. Andi could sense the drama at this party and it definitely ruined the good mood she was in. She said it on the show and told me later as well when really nice guys like Chris and Cody speak up she feels like she should listen, but for now she’s going with her gut and sticking with Nick. JJ got the rose on this date and this didn’t seem to sit to well with Nick.

Coach Brian got the other one-on-one date this week and it went pretty well, then horribly wrong, and then really well again. The movie date started things off on a very romantic note. It should’ve only gotten hotter as the two of them went shopping and then to an apartment to cook together. Andi was really shocked at how unromantic Brian made this part of the date. Much like on the basketball court, Brian just didn’t know when to step forward and be romantic with Andi. She really wants a man that can read the signals and take matters into his own hands. Brian just seemed uncomfortable around her — almost awkward. But once again Brian was clutch in the fourth quarter (he loves sports analogies) as he saved the date later that night. The two of them had enough of a connection for Andi to give him the rose and convince her there’s more to find out about this coach. One thing that should really please all of our fans is the fact that we actually showed them eating on the date!

The rose ceremony was held at this beautiful old chateau on a vineyard about an hour outside of Marseille. I talked to Andi that night and she was in no mood to go through the motions and hold a cocktail party. Andi knew what she wanted to do and she didn’t see any need in making the three guys she knew she was sending home jump through hoops for no reason. If she felt like there was any way a last minute talk would change her mind she would’ve done it, but her mind was made up. I respect that about her and appreciate her being so candid with me and with the guys.

While Andi was good with her decision, the guys weren’t. When I walked into the room that night instead of Andi you could really feel the tension rise. Andi decided three men were going home this week. It was interesting to hear Andrew say he really didn’t have a good experience and felt bullied. That’s unfortunate, but sometimes it’s just not a good fit and I think that was the case here. It was also tough to see Marquel go home this week. The Cookie Monster was a favorite in the house and with our crew. The guy always had a smile on his face and he was a pleasure to be around.

Andi is getting to the point where she’s ready to say goodbye to those she knows there’s no future with. She’s ready to work on those relationships that she thinks could lead to true love. Speaking of next week, we head to the capital of love (if there ever was one): Venice, Italy. As you saw in the previews, the men start taking it up a notch and profess their love for Andi. These guys know they have a great woman here and they’re pulling out all the stops. See you in Venice next Monday!

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