What would a Book of Mormon movie look like? Perhaps a little something like this fan’s version, if the blockbuster Broadway musical was animated in the same vein as South Park — and why shouldn’t it be, since Mormon was co-penned by the cartoon’s creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker?

Simon Chong paid tribute to South Park’s particular animation style with his own nod to The Book of Mormon, using the opening number “Hello!” from the original Broadway cast recording to imagine what the singing elders might look like in that quiet Colorado mountain town.

Although the video bears no affiliation to either show (stage or screen), it’s strikingly well-crafted and surprisingly faithful to South Park’s signature aesthetic. It feels just as natural as any of the songs from South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut, and even seems to fit with the musical scheme of the season 7 episode “All About Mormons.” Watch Chong’s excellent crossover after the jump:

Book of Mormon
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