By Jackson McHenry
Updated June 12, 2014 at 01:45 PM EDT
Nardus Engelbrecht/Gallo Images/Getty Images

Reclusive street artist Banksy continues to play games.

On Wednesday, the artist posted a three minute clip (titled “Better Out Than In — the movie”) about his time as a self-proclaimed “Artist in Residence” in New York last October. Banksy’s stint in the city inspired both acclaim and derision as the artist’s installations provoked what his video calls a “city-wide, full-contact game of hide and seek.”

The video, uploaded to the artist’s YouTube page, also appears on his official website under the films tab. And while it’s certainly possible that this is the trailer for a feature-length documentary about Banksy’s work in New York — which he also titled “Better Out Than In” — it’s also possible that this trailer is the only film that the prankster will deliver. The video itself is nearly identical to one posted by the Webby Awards this May, when Banksy received the Webby for Person of the Year. (The only difference is that the more recent video mispronounces the artist’s name.)

Banksy’s last feature-length film, Exit Through the Gift Shop, won critical acclaim (and an Oscar nomination) in 2010 — but was sometimes considered a prank as well. Whether this video is a trailer or not, Banksy definitely has more up his sleeve.