June 12, 2014 at 05:35 PM EDT

It’s a tough job, rose lovers, but someone has to travel to Mexico to help members of the Bachelor “family” continue their weird and objectively gross inbreeding find “love.” And that someone is Mr. Chris Harrison. As you can see here from this first look at Harrison on the job at Bachelor in Paradise, the dress code for facilitating fairy-tale romance in Mexico — where BIP is shooting — is far more relaxed than it is in America. I have so many thoughts. Click the photo for a full-length version and let’s discuss.

*Is it me, or is Harrison giving off a bit of a Mr. Roarke vibe in his light-colored ensemble? Smiles, everyone. Smiles!

*I love that the production ninjas still wear black, even when shooting during the day. All the better to blend in with the hole in everyone’s souls.

*I also love that I can’t tell if Chris is going sockless (so Miami Vice!) or wearing pale pink socks that match his shirt. Either way, fantastic.

Anyhow, folks, it’s all just whetting my appetite for the feast of absurdity that awaits us with ABC’s Bachelor in Paradise (Aug. 4, 8 p.m.), the show in which former Bachelor and Bachelorette Reject Limo riders descend on an “isolated romantic paradise” in hopes of being each other’s sloppy seconds/thirds/fourths… (Should I go on?) For those of you who miss Bachelor Pad — and I know you are legion — this should help you hit the recommended daily serving of trashy TV this summer. (After all, Big Brother is only on three times a week.)

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