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Malcolm Freberg got a taste of adventure when he appeared on Survivor not once, but twice. And he liked it. So he’s off again — but this time as a host, not a contestant. Malcolm will host a new online docuseries titled Wayfaring that will see him and a film crew depart on July 1 for a 20 day, 20 episode road trip around the United States. But where exactly Malcolm goes and what he does will be determined by viewers, who will vote on social media and control all of his life choices (kind of like the way he controlled Phillip’s ouster on Survivor: Caramoan with all of those immunity idols).

While an episode of the series will be available each day of the journey for free on, fans can also donate through Kickstarter to receive exclusive bonus content including live Q&As with Malcolm. We caught up with one of the Three Amigos to get the scoop on his newest project.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Is this whole show merely an elaborate scam to get people to subsidize your cross-country shenanigans?

MALCOLM FREBERG: It did cross my mind, to simply have the world pay me to do all the nonsense I would be doing otherwise. And don’t get me wrong, some of the stuff our team has planned is going to be extremely fun and I can’t wait to get to it. But Wayfaring is not a paid pleasure cruise for me. A lot of the viewers’ options are going to be miserable for me, and I’m at the mercy of their whims. One morning we may poll a choice between me getting donuts and champagne for breakfast, or making me run a 3-hour workout with a drill instructor – somehow I doubt the public would choose to feed me. The audience is going to have a plethora of opportunities to torture and embarrass me, making me do things I’m truly going to hate – things I wouldn’t even consider doing if I was in control of my own shenanigans.

EW: What sort of transition are you going to have to make from contestant to host? How do you anticipate that will be different?

FREBERG: Fortunately, this role as host isn’t too big of a stretch from being a reality contestant. It’s not as if I’ll be standing in a studio, emphatically delivering the news of Beiber’s latest misdemeanor or the next Kardashian baby; Wayfaring is just me being me, but with more clothes and food than my last foray into entertainment.

EW: Any tips you picked up on hosting from Jeffrey Probst?

FREBERG: 1.) If someone you’re interviewing says something stupid, point it out and beat them over the head with it.

2.) Acquire a pre-emptive restraining order against Dawson.

3.) All blue button-downs, all the time.

EW: What are you most and least looking forward to with this trip?

FREBERG: Like I mentioned, some of the events are really cool. One of possibilities I’m most excited about is Space Camp, and we may get to play a pick-up game of baseball at the field where they filmed ‘The Sandlot’. Of course, these things will be up to votes of the viewers, but that doesn’t mean I won’t be campaigning for my favorites from the road. As far as the bad stuff goes, the producers are saving most of the truly horrible activities as a surprise for me, but I did overhear two words at a meeting that utterly terrified me: “nudist colony.”

EW: Do you have an immunity idol you can use in case people vote to have you do something you’d rather not?

FREBERG: Dammit, Dalton, that is brilliant and I’m tremendously annoyed I didn’t think of this beforehand. But no, whatever the audience votes for me to do is what happens — no exceptions.

EW: There’s a whole Kickstarter element to this show. How does that work and what can you get for donating?

FREBERG: We have most of our funding taken care of, but are looking for a relatively small amount more to make us completely go-for-launch this July. In exchange for donations, we’ve set up a reward structure truly unique on Kickstarter: more access and control over our live event. Low-level sponsors will be able view exclusive content on our website, access daily polls not available to the public, and participate in live Q&A’s with me every few days from the road. Higher tiers include private phone calls, executive decisions, and even the opportunity to meet our team on the road (more details available on the official Wayfaring Kickstarter page).

In addition, any funds raised over our initial goal will go towards making the show as big and fun as possible. No excess donations will be used to feed our crew better or upgrade our accommodations — all of it will be used to increase the fun and hilarity of the viewer’s options each day. More so than most Kickstarter campaigns, this money truly isn’t just for us, it’s for the audience as well.

EW: Any chance some of your fellow Survivor buddies might be popping up at some point?

FREBERG: Bad news on that front. We had a long, drawn-out search for a suitable stunt-double to fill in for me on occasion. Hundreds were interviewed and graded on their athletic prowess, sense of daring, and physical resemblance. We eventually found an absolutely perfect candidate and were prepared to make an offer, but unfortunately Cochran couldn’t get the time off work.

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