Ray And Remora Gold Soundz

As Stephen Malkmus once memorably sang, “You can never quarantine the past.” But he didn’t say anything about covering it– so L.A. duo Ray & Remora, a.k.a. Dan Crane and Amanda Walker, have taken on Pavement’s classic “Gold Soundz,” from 1994’s Crooked Rain, Crooked Rain (which coincidentally turns 20 this month, if that doesn’t make you feel like a T-rex.)

R&R also grabbed a few famous friends to make cameos in the video for the song, including Malkmus, Kim Gordon, actor Jeff Goldblum, longtime Beastie Boys collaborator Money Mark, Weezer’s Scott Shriner, Inara George of The Bird and the Bee, and Mike Viola of The Candy Butchers.

Watch it below:

The idea for the video “came to me while I was driving down the street one day and saw some Mormons dressed in suits going door to door,” says Crane. “It reminded me, in a way, of what it’s like to be in a band: knocking on doors and trying to ‘sell’ your sound to people, with most of those doors getting slammed in your face.”

“We wanted to reference the original video somehow,” he continues. “That’s where the idea for the ‘chicken pamphlet’ came from. In the original Pavement video, the band dresses up in Santa suits and then shoots a raw chicken — or maybe it’s a turkey? It’s hard to tell — out of the sky with bows and arrows. So that image became our quasi-religious symbol for the pamphlet we’d hand out.”

As for Goldblum? “Through a very random series of events, we got him and his suitably handsome ginger-haired standard poodle, Woody. Apparently, Woody eats everything in Goldblum’s house. Including pamphlets.”

Ray & Remora’s EP, the appropriately titled 1994, is out now.

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