Things will turn deadly serious during season 2 of Nathan For You, the quirky Comedy Central series on which host Nathan Fielder offers small businesses unconventional methods to boost their bottom line. In an upcoming episode of the show — which returns July 1 at 10:30 p.m., following Drunk History — he sets out to help a pet store.

“You lose a pet, you go to a pet cemetery, and then you probably need a new one, so I thought that would be the best place to advertise,” Fielder tells EW. “The only problem was they don’t allow advertising at a pet cemetery, but there’s no rule about what you’re allowed to put on a gravestone. So I decided I would bury a pet and then post an ad for the pet store on that pet’s gravestone.” And just how did the pet-cemetery owner react? “Once we brought in the gravestone, I think it was a little bit different than he had envisioned. He has kind of the reaction you might expect — but also kind of not.”

If you mouse over the photo below, Fielder will walk you through the finer points of this potentially profitable prank involving a deceased fly, which apparently is just one of many, er, buzzy stunts he has planned for this season. (See: Dumb Starbucks.)

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