Have you ever wanted to know what the “magic of Mariah Carey” tastes like? If so, the Elusive Chanteuse may have just the thing for you.

At a press conference in New York City Tuesday, Mariah Carey debuted her new non-alcoholic pink-colored beverage Butterfly, which has been described as a “melodic beverage inspired by the magic of Mariah Carey.” Butterfly comes in a curvy pink bottle, and, based on Carey’s presentation on Tuesday, is meant to be enjoyed from a champagne flute. The beverage will be available at Walgreen drugstores nationwide.

“This is a whole ‘nother thing,” said Carey. “We can do this, and I will almost be in the room with you.” How, exactly, does drinking Butterfly conjure up Carey, Beetlejuice-style? Well, after fans download the Go N’Syde Beverage app and scan the outside of the bottle, they will be given access to Carey’s new social network. (This added feature is why Carey’s drink is being marketed as an “interactive” beverage, which apparently is a thing now.)

The release of Butterfly coincides with the release of Carey’s fourteenth studio album, Me. I am Mariah…The Elusive Chanteuse, which dropped May 23rd and left critics unimpressed. Early reviews of Butterfly indicate that the beverage is also rather unimpressive. The site Junk Food Guy said the drink smelled like “gummy bears, flower, and Fresca,” and tasted like “liquid sugar-free gummy bears.” HelloBeautiful described it as a “Gatorade-like drink with more sugar.” Bustle’s Alex Kritselis tested the drink compared the drink’s after taste to “sucking on a fistful of nickels,” and said Butterfly’s “sickly sweet” taste made his teeth hurt.

Sounds like watching Glitter for the second time may be a more enjoyable experience than trying out Butterfly.