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McHale is the king of snark, which made him the perfect choice for prickly, self-obsessed Jeff Winger. But here's the surprise: As Jeff continued to…
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On Tuesday, Donald Glover and Danny Pudi were hanging out inside of the Ubisoft Booth at video game mega-convention E3. EW asked them questions about video games — and also inquired about the current status of a certain canceled NBC sitcom.

This is what happened.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: What’s the best game you guys have played today?

Danny Pudi: Far Cry 4. We got to demo it this morning for an hour. I played Far Cry 3, and we were really excited for the co-op version in this game. We got to play together. Which was awesome.

Who was flying the helicopter, and who was shooting on the ground?

Donald Glover: I’m better on the ground. I’m better at sneaking up and shooting. I’m not good at the other stuff.

You’re more of a stealth guy.

Glover: I’d rather be sneaking than come in guns blazing. That’s not my style. I’d rather pick you off.

Pudi: I realized my place right away when I was constantly being the diversion. I’m, like, going in with the elephant. I can’t believe that we just thought of that: The first video game where you’re riding an elephant.

Glover: I think weaponizing elephants should’ve been in a lot of video games.

The sad thing is that now every video game is gonna do it, though.

Glover: I heard MarioKart is just weaponized elephants now.

Donald, in your music, you use a lot of video game references. If you could do the soundtrack for one video game franchise, what would it be?

Glover: Honestly? Kingdom Hearts. The Disney-Final Fantasy game. I always like their soundtracks! I know it’s considered cheesy.

I listened to the “Traverse Town” soundtrack for several years. That was my study music.

Glover: Yes! I really like Kingdom Hearts. It just has this dreamy thing that would be cool to make music to.

Danny, same question.

Pudi: I apologize to all the franchises who’d be stuck with my soundtrack. It’d be full of a lot of really weird accompaniments. I’m a big Zelda fan. That was probably the game I grew up with most. I remember all the music. So I think it’d be something in that world. Something romantic. A lot of fiddles.

Let’s get heavy. If your life were a video game, what kind of video game would it be?

Pudi: I think it’d be, like, puzzles. Just constant social puzzles. Like, here’s a question asked to you about soundtrack of a video game: How are you gonna answer this? Like Conversation Dr. Mario.


Glover: Specifically one game, or just type of games?

Could go specific.

Glover: I really liked Oddworld: Abe’s Oddysee.

A deep cut! The hardest, weirdest game ever.

Glover: I know. But I love that game so much. Because that game was, like, a puzzle game. That was right around the time that games started to get 3D a little bit. [Everyone] was like, “Oh, Mario 64!”

And you were the kid in the corner, like, “No, guys, Abe’s Oddysee!”

Glover: “The art direction on this is pretty good!” And I liked that character. I just thought that struggle was kinda cool. It seemed like the struggle of humanity. I think my video game would be kind of like that. Or, not such a deep cut, I would say Limbo. I loved Limbo. I’m like that little boy, I relate to him. Just trying to figure out where he’s going.

Pudi: I’m gonna take this back. I am Professor Layton, and that whole world. I do feel like that boy. I feel like I’m constantly being put into situations where I have to figure out a solution, and I don’t know if there are moral or ethical implications involved. And my wife is always saying: “You literally dress like an 18th Century British Boy.” I think that’s a good thing?

Glover: It is a good thing.

Looking around the Ubisoft lineup, would you pick any of these games to live inside of?

Glover: [Motions to gigantic screen playing this trailer] I love this game. The Division. This s— looks so hot. I always feel like: If it was post-apocalyptic? I’d be good. Because I have no mercy.

If the apocalypse hits tomorrow, what’s your step one?

Glover: I have a secret room. So I’d lock myself in there. I’d immediately go to the Trader Joe’s down the street, take out whoever I need to, get all the canned goods.

You’d go straight to taking people out.

Glover: It’s them or me, bro! It’s them or me!

Pudi: Donald!

Glover: You can help me. You can be on my team. But it’s them or me.

You’d extend the team offer first, though?

Glover: First 24 hours? No. No one’s on a team that first 24 hours. People gotta get desperate.

So you’d go for The Division. Danny?

Pudi: If we’re talking me truly living this life? I’m going to Far Cry to ride an elephant. That would be a fun place for to be. Just for a little while. But if this is, like, a three-to-four year stretch? I’m just dancing. I’m doing that Just Dance game. The safest thing I could do, man! You stretch every once in awhile. You dance.

But what if you have to dance all the time?

Pudi: Well, when you level up, you take a little break. My napping skills would improve.

My bosses will fire me if I don’t ask: What’s new with Community? Anything to report?

Glover: That’s super easy to answer. We have–

Glover and Pudi: NO IDEA.

Glover: We found out it was canceled on the internet. No one’s called me.

Pudi: Literally, there has been no official “Hey, you’re canceled, and this is over.” We find out how we found out if we were renewed, how we found out if we were on the bubble, how we found out we’re moving dates: Twitter. So we’ll find out through Twitter. You’ll find out before we do, I’m sure. Or my mom will.

You didn’t even get a courtesy call?

Glover: I don’t think they can afford it?

The Mayor of Television doesn’t show up to offer his respects?

Glover: He’s got a crack problem, the Mayor of Television. “I don’t think this works anymore, you guys! This internet thing is getting way bigger than I thought. Computers can talk to each other?”

We’ve already seen one version of the Community video game. If you could make a new Community video game, what kind of game would it be?

Glover: In my opinion, the same way that Community jumped from genre to genre, it should be able to do that as a game. RPG to First Person Shooter. 8-bit, 64-style, Sonic, all of those games in one.

Pudi: You could do a Civilization where you have to build Greendale!

Glover: The last level should be that you build the level. That would be dope.

So, the most expensive and longest videogame ever.

Glover: Have you seen Community? Have you heard of the problems we’ve had with budgets?

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McHale is the king of snark, which made him the perfect choice for prickly, self-obsessed Jeff Winger. But here's the surprise: As Jeff continued to…


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