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Daniel Handler is still working on the All the Wrong Questions series, but he’s also taken his Lemony Snicket hat off to work on another project. We’ve got an exclusive cover reveal for We Are Pirates, his upcoming novel for adults (above), to be released on February 3rd, 2015. The book follows the story of a couple of high school girls who steal a ship and attack other boats in San Francisco bay. We’ve also got an exclusive Q&A with the author — check it out below.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Why did you choose piracy as the topic for your new novel?

DANIEL HANDLER: When I was in high school, everyone had to take a survey on what careers they had in mind. Every occupation you could possibly imagine was listed, and at the very bottom was a box marked “other.” A friend and I got everyone in our homeroom to check “other” and then, in the blank, write “pirate.” The authorities were not amused, but since then the idea of piracy, how impractical and unusual it is in our era, has burned in my mind.

You were born in and live in San Francisco, the same place as the girls in the novel. How important is the setting to you, as an author?

Setting’s always a crucial part of a story. While there are other cities in which We Are Pirates could have been set, I’m in an informal competition with Andrew Sean Greer over writing the great San Francisco novel.

What can you tell us about the next book in the All the Wrong Questions series?

The four volumes in All The Wrong Questions center around crimes arranged in ascending evil. The first volume centers on a theft; the second on an abduction; and the third, Shouldn’t You Be In School?, on arson.

What are you reading and recommending now?

I am wandering the streets telling people to read Kathryn Davis’s eerie and wondrous novel Duplex, although lately I have been further distracted by the poetry of Dorothea Lasky and a comic I just discovered called Sex Criminals.

What would your name be if you were a pirate?

“The One Who Stays Below Board During All The Mayhem And Then Serves Gimlets To The Survivors.”

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