21 Jump Street

If you ever gamble with Channing Tatum, you should know what he means by going “all in.”

Monday on Conan, the 22 Jump Street star revealed the terms of a bet he made with his co-star, Jonah Hill, back when 21 Jump Street was released. If a movie breaks $30 million in its first weekend, Tatum explained, then it’s done very well for itself. But when 21 Jump Street premiered, Tatum was feeling even more confident, telling Hill the film would do over $35 million. Hill said that if it did, he would kiss the tip of Tatum’s penis — “over the boxers,” he specified. “I’d say that’s a key piece of fabric for the story.”

Though the film opened with over $35 million, Hill still hasn’t made good on the terms of the bet — even after Tatum offered him the opportunity to double down. “My gambling career has come to an abrupt end,” the Oscar nominee joked. Considering how Hill recently had to apologize for using a gay slur in a confrontation with a paparazzo, it may also be that he wants to avoid doing anything more outrageous. (Given that incident, the choice to share this anecdote — which hinges on finding gay acts funny and a little gross — remains puzzling.)

But don’t expect this kind of humor to be absent from 22 Jump Street, which opens Friday and includes its share of pretty lewd moments. And don’t expect Tatum to change his terms in the future: “That’s the stakes in every single one of my bets,” he joked in an aside.

Watch the Conan clip below.

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