The Fault In Our Stars Sam Trammell
Credit: James Bridges

It began with The Twilight Saga and was officially driven home by this weekend’s The Fault in Our Stars: I have hit the age where the hottest guys in YA movies are the dads.

Sure, I can recognize the puppy-dog cuteness of Ansel Elgort, the male-model broodingness of Robert Pattinson, and the six-packiness of Taylor Lautner. But for my money, Sam Trammell and Billy Burke (cop mustache and all) as Michael Lancaster and Charlie Swan, respectively, have them all beat. It probably helps that I was introduced to Trammell and Burke outside their patriarchal roles — Trammell in True Blood and Burke from a short stint on the underrated My Boys. Also, I just relate more to their characters’ perspectives in the films. I mean, Charlie was right: Bella really shouldn’t have fallen in love with a vampire. (Granted, he was also trying to push her toward dating a werewolf, so that’s on him.) And I’d be apprehensive about my sick daughter taking a 10-plus-hour flight to Amsterdam with some dude she just met too. Also, why are these kids always playing on my lawn?

I feel like I’m not alone in this one, but I am curious about what the tipping-point age is. Full disclosure: I’m 32 now, and when I saw the first Twilight movie, I was a spry 26. So, fellow PopWatch Confessors, how old were you when you had the same realization? Or should I just respect the fact that the 20-year-old Elgort is universally attractive at any age and get back to eating butterscotch candies and watching Matlock?

Side note: I’m sure there are some readers who are into Peter Facinelli’s Carlisle Cullen as well, but I could never get past that frosty-blond wig they put him in. The Fatch will always be Mike Dexter to me. And as for The Hunger Games, there’s always Lenny Kravitz as Cinna, but he’s not playing the dad role so it doesn’t quite match up. Plus, the involvement of a Hemsworth just makes my whole thesis fall apart.

The Fault in Our Stars
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