Entering its fourth season, the USA show has earned something of a reputation for courting style-savvy viewers

By Marc Snetiker
Updated June 06, 2014 at 04:00 AM EDT

Sure, there are a number of reasons to watch USA’s legal dramedy Suits, but chief among them just may be the show’s impeccable fashions, which have generated buzz since the very beginning. ”It started with Gina [Torres], when her friends started asking her what she was wearing,” explains costume designer Jolie Anna Andreatta. ”And then [studio exec] Ellen Rand started getting requests from all the producers’ wives.”

Fast-forward to the fourth season (premiering June 11), and Suits has struck a couture chord with another set of VIPs: real lawyers who watch Suits for, well, the suits. Natalya Johnson, 28, an attorney in New Jersey, and Matthew Cin, 25, a recent law-school graduate, are among the fans who get more out of the show than simply story.

”They’re hands down the best-dressed office on TV,” says Johnson, who looks to Torres’ power attorney Jessica Pearson for style inspiration. ”Sometimes she’ll come out with an outfit that’s just so amazing, I’ll pause the DVR to really look at it, or to call someone over and say, ‘Look at what Jessica’s wearing now.”’

Cin, meanwhile, feels the pull of Gabriel Macht’s sartorially skilled Harvey Specter. ”I’ve always tried to have this crisp, clean look similar to how Harvey dresses, and since watching the show, I’ve tried to emulate that even more,” he says. ”When I go look for ties, I think of patterns that I can picture Harvey wearing. That’s the image I want to portray as a lawyer.”

It should come as no surprise, then, that popular designers such as Dior and Zegna have seen their fashions featured — and in fact, Suits has even begun cross-marketing with high-end labels so that outfits can be spotlighted on the show while they’re in stores. But Andreatta demurs at the idea that people tune in for the tailoring alone. ”That’s so cute, because I watch shows just for fashion, but these are the most talented actors I’ve worked with,” she muses. ”It just also happens that they really know how to wear clothes.”