June 06, 2014 at 04:00 AM EDT

On a network populated by handsome, crime-solving con artists and fraudulent attorneys (usually sporting bespoke menswear), Satisfaction offers up a different kind of action. After discovering his wife of 18 years, Grace (Stephanie Szostak), having sex with a male escort, suburban dad and investment banker Neil (The Glades‘ Matt Passmore) decides to try his hand at the world’s oldest profession. ”When [the network] said they wanted to do the show, I said, ‘You know you’re USA, right? You don’t do this stuff,”’ recalls creator Sean Jablonski with a laugh.

Before USA gave the go-ahead, Jablonski’s drama had languished, unproduced, for nearly eight years, partly owing to its logline-level similarity to HBO’s Hung, on which Thomas Jane starred as a high school teacher by day, prostitute by night. But Jablonski sees his series as a more earnest examination of modern marriage where infidelity may not be a deal breaker. ”To me, at the end of the day — and I pitched it this way — this is a love story,” he says. ”This is about a married couple who are in love and should be together, but there’s s— that gets in the way.”

And will continue to get in the way. After the sexually charged 90-minute premiere, neither Neil nor Grace is done straying. ”[The extramarital sex] does ultimately strengthen their marriage, but in ways we’re not expecting,” says Jablonski. Try taking that to your marriage counselor.

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