As the star of TNT's spy thriller ''Legends,'' the ''Game of Thrones'' vet takes on multiple identities to help take down the bad guys

By Ray Rahman
Updated June 06, 2014 at 04:00 AM EDT

Martin Odum
This CIA agent regularly goes undercover. ”For him, the thought of transforming into another character is a rush,” says Bean. But it also changes him. Says exec producer Howard Gordon, ”A lie is best sandwiched between two truths, and sometimes he can’t tell the lie from the truth.”

Lincoln Dittmann
He’s a nebbishy, Walter White-like loser trying to infiltrate a terrorist group. ”It’s very postural,” Gordon says of the shift. Adds Bean: ”It’s more stumbling and bumbling. A little fidgety, because he doesn’t quite get it. He looks like a…well, he doesn’t look that good!”

Dante Auerbach
As a cosmopolitan criminal in cuff links, international arms dealer Dante is ”very debonair, very charming,” Bean says. ”He knows who he is. He’s in total control in every way — in his mannerisms, his body language, his attire.” Or, as Gordon puts it, ”he’s very Sexy Beast.