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Saved by the Bell‘s Mario Lopez’s upcoming memoir Just Between Us will be released on September 30. In the book, the Extra host opens up about his successes in the entertainment industry and “the heartbreaking mistakes” that still haunt him, including his highly public, and at times tumultuous, love life. In a release from his publisher Celebra, Lopez added, “There are no do-overs in life, so I had to learn to pick myself up and move forward, never forgetting the hard-won lessons. I’m thrilled to share my story in this memoir, to reveal the memories I’ve held close to my heart for the time.” This will be Lopez’s fourth book. [The Hollywood Reporter]

David Spade is also working on a book. It was announced this week that the former Saturday Night Live cast member is working on a memoir, which is slated to be released in fall 2015 from Dey Street Books. The untitled memoir will cover Spade’s relationship with his father, his time on SNL andhis friendship with the late comedian Chris Farley. Spade said that his memoir will be “a ‘must’ buy and a ‘maybe’ read for every household.” [USA Today]

According to the accounting group PWC, the ebook is on track to outsell printed editions in the UK by 2018. Over the next four years, PwC predicts that the UK consumer ebook market will almost triple from £380 million to £1 billion, and that “the sales of printed editions will fall by more than a third to £912 million.” By 2018, PwC expects 50% of the UK population to own a tablet device. Although, PwC’s predictions for print are rather grim, there is hope: the rise of the ebook market will compensate for the decline in print sales, and “by 2018, the total UK consumer book market will be worth£1.9bn, up from £1.8m last year.” PwC partner Phil Stokes said, “The study overall is saying the total consumer book market will be growing slightly,” and that “the important thing is, people are reading books.” Nigel Newton, the chief executive of the Harry Potter publisher Bloomsbury, said, “ebooks have been a force for good for authors and publishers,” and that their rise has led to a “golden age of reading.” [The Guardian]

This week it was announced that comics publisher Dynamite Entertainment has signed deals with Brandon Sanderson, Dean Koontz, Patrick Briggs, Jim Butcher and the late Ernest Tidyman, author of the Shaft novels, to publish original graphic novels and comics based on their books and characters. Of particular interest is the deal made with Tidyman’s estate to reprint the Shaft prose novels and to publish comic periodicals and graphic novel adaptations of the books. Dynamite CEO Nick Barrucci called Shaft “an American icon” and promised that this publishing program “will bring Shaft back to the forefront of pop culture where he belongs!” Other upcoming projects from Dynamite include: two original graphic novels based on Jim Butcher’s paranormal mystery series the Dresden Files; original graphic novels based on Dean Koontz’s novels Frankenstein, Fear Nothing, and Nevermore; and a three-volume graphic novel series called White Sands by Brandon Sanderson. [Publishers Weekly]