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Sons of Liberty

History is moving forward with its ambitious Revolutionary War miniseries and has firmed up a star-filled cast. The cable network has ordered the six-hour Sons of Liberty, which follows “a radical group of young men — Sam Adams, John Adams, Paul Revere, John Hancock and Joseph Warren — as they band together in secrecy to change the course of history and make America a nation.”

The sprawling cast includes many notable names playing famous founders: Ben Barnes (The Chronicles of Narnia) is Sam Adams, “a natural born leader with charisma and a penchant for mischief;” Ryan Eggold (The Black List) is Joseph Warren, “a doctor and man of conscience and integrity;” Michael Raymond James (True Blood) is Paul Revere, “a veteran who wholeheartedly joins forces with Sam Adams;” Rafe Spall (Prometheus) is John Hancock, “the wealthiest man in Boston at the time”; and Henry Thomas (E.T. The Extraterrestrial) is John Adams, “a lawyer and the conservative, smart cousin of Sam Adams.” Additionally, Marton Csokas (The Lord of the Rings) is cast as the ferocious General Thomas Gage, who is sent to handle the unrest in Boston with a military response, Emily Berrington (24: Live Another Day) plays Margaret Gage, and Dean Norris (Breaking Bad) will take on “the brilliant yet mischievous diplomat” Benjamin Franklin.

The Revolution War is pretty hot right now in TV — Fox’s Sleepy Hollow has been a surprise hit, while AMC recently launched Turn.

“From the Boston Tea Party to the Declaration of Independence, Sons of Liberty will tell the rebellious story of America’s greatest fight for freedom,” said Dirk Hoogstra, Executive Vice President and General Manager at History. “History continues its commitment to bring viewers historical drama based on real events that have shaped our past, while capturing the spirit of the time. Adams, Hancock, Revere, are famous names in our history books, and Sons of Liberty will bring their stories to life.”

Plus: The show’s title theme is by the legendary composer Hans Zimmer.

Sons of Liberty
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