By C. Molly Smith
June 04, 2014 at 10:27 PM EDT

We all know overbearing mothers, whether they are our own or our friends’. (“Bring a sweater, it could be cold out,” “You look so thin! You need to eat more!,” “Sooo, let’s talk boys”). Insert Helicopter Mom, in which Nia Vardalos plays a similar-minded suffocating mother.

The film, directed by Salomé Breziner and written by Duke Tran, stars Vardalos as Maggie and Jason Dolley as her college-bound son, Lloyd. Maggie is smothering and doesn’t want to see her son go. “What’s left after this? Prom, then graduation, then you’re gone!” Maggie exclaims in the trailer. “I’m going to college. I’m not signing up for a tour of duty in the Middle East,” Lloyd rationally replies.

Fear of abandonment aside, Maggie will help Lloyd get to college, by whatever means — and we mean whatever means. When the issue of financial aid comes up, Maggie decides to out her son (who may or may not be gay) so he can receive a scholarship. She continues with her manipulations, proceeding to create a dating profile for him in order to set him up on dates with young guys, seemingly against his wishes. As is to be expected, Lloyd does not take kindly to this. Ultimately, Maggie must learn to let go. Ahhh, but can she?

The film has its world premiere Wednesday night at the Seattle International Film Festival. For those who can’t make it to the Pacific Northwest, take a look at the trailer below. To those of you without helicopter moms, be sure to thank her today (that means you, Lindy!). You’ll see why I say that after this trailer: