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If television gave us anything to tweet about this year, it was Walter White’s journey from chemistry teacher to Heisenberg to whatever it was that he became.

Nielsen has released its list of this year’s most talked-about series on Twitter, which was calculated from September 1, 2013 to May 25, 2014. Breaking Bad not only topped the list — with an average reach of 6 million people per each new episode — but also took home the award for the greatest reach for a single airing, thanks to its buzzy series finale. Viewers’ final hour with Walt, Jesse, and all those crazy Nazis reached 9.1 million people on Twitter, making it quite literally the tune-in event of the year. However, The Voice set the record for total tweets sent about a single episode with 1.92 million tweets about its episode on May 13.

Speaking more generally, here are the year’s top ten series on Twitter (in order):

1. Breaking Bad

2. The Walking Dead

3. Pretty Little Liars

4. The Bachelor

5. Game of Thrones

6. Teen Wolf

7. American Horror Story: Coven

8. Scandal

9. The Voice

10. Dancing With the Stars

In terms of television specials, The Oscars and the Super Bowl led the charge. The Oscars reached 13.9 million people with one billion impressions (mostly thanks to Ellen’s selfie), while the Super Bowl reached 15.3 million people.

Are you surprised by these results? Which shows do you tweet about the most?

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