Credit: Eric Charbonneau/Invision/AP

In February, former Friends star Lisa Kudrow was ordered to pay former manager Scott Howard $1.6 million, and now she’s asking for a retrial. This request for a new trial partly results from some communication by a member of the trial’s jury: Steve de Bode, jury foreman, wrote a letter to Kudrow’s lawyer following the trial’s conclusion, writing, “Please pass on my personal apology for the verdict to Lisa Kudrow and let her know that I firmly believe the majority decision was not correct.” In addition to the apology, de Bode also revealed some information about the jury that revealed there was jury misconduct and therefore grounds for a new trial.

Kudrow took that information, replaced her lawyer from the previous trial, and now is arguing for a new trial — an idea that Howard and his team aren’t the most fond of. “If [Kudrow does] face a retrial, it will be a 12-0 in Scott Howard’s favor on the next trial, and the judgement will be for more money than this judgment,” Howard’s attorney Mark Baute told The Hollywood Reporter.

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