Good Wife 09
Credit: David Giesbrecht/CBS

Now, Good Wife fans can hear the score that accompanied the extraordinary drama this season: The drama is releasing a soundtrack.

Music from the CBS drama is now available on Amazon MP3. Ardent fans should recognize many of the pieces from season five on the soundtrack, including the very short title sequence to the series — all of which comes courtesy of Composer David Buckley.

“The music was re-arranged and re-recorded for this release using a 50-piece orchestra and various soloists,” Buckley told EW. “I focused on Season 5 music as there has been an overwhelming enthusiasm for it from viewers, and I felt that this material could stand up on its own for a listening experience. The tone is largely Classical in style — with some obvious exceptions including the very silly I Wanna Kiss Peter Florrick — and I hope the music reflects some key themes of the show … office politics, current affairs, love, betrayal and death, each often mingled with humor.

“Hitting the Fan is a really important cue in the show … the bonds between the main characters are shattered as Alicia and Cary leave Will and Diane to set up their own firm,” Buckley continued. “We wanted a different musical language to express this momentous shift, and so we hit on this Baroque/Classical style and it turned out that this track would inform the sound for the rest of the season.”

Here’s a sample: