Shailene Woodley
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Shailene Woodley, star of the The Fault in Our Stars (opening this weekend), recently dropped by Entertainment Weekly Radio’s Women on Pop to talk about the highly anticipated adaptation of the John Green best-seller. EW’s Melissa Maerz and Sara Vilkomerson also asked Woodley if she wanted to further explain some of her recent quotes — including the now infamous interview with Time magazine, in which she was asked whether she considers herself a feminist and she said no. Woodley was happy to oblige, and to clarify what she meant: “For me the big thing in life is about sisterhood,” she says. “Bringing sisters together and supporting one another…What I found so funny and so sad about that article is that I talked about that the entire time. Nothing is going to change in this world until women start loving other women. I’m so lucky. I have the best sisters in my life. The best.”

Woodley went on to say that she thinks the article (and surrounding hoopla) was counterintuitive to what she was saying. “It pitted women against me,” she says. “The thing I was trying to say we need to eliminate — without the word ‘feminist,’ without any word attached to it — we need to begin to evolve the way we look at sisterhood. It’s the exact opposite of what [the article] ended up doing.”

Take a listen below to hear Woodley’s thoughts!

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