By Chris Harrison
Updated June 02, 2014 at 05:03 AM EDT

I hope you enjoyed night one of our special two-night Bachelorette event. Night two airs tonight in our regular Monday primetime slot. This week we were still at the mansion but all the dates were just north of LA up in the town of Santa Barbara. Nick got the first one-on-one date. Andi was impressed by Nick and was really looking forward to their date. It’s really interesting to see these men melt into nervous little boys when they get around Andi. We saw it with Josh last week, and we now saw it with Nick. Is it just me, or does Andi seem to have deeper more meaningful conversations than many Bachelorettes have in the past? Nick and Andi shared an incredible evening. He easily got the rose but more importantly, got his first kiss.

The group date this week was easily one of Andi’s favorite dates of the entire season. To this day she’s still talking about her time with Boyz II Men. I have to say that they were awesome to work with and our entire crew enjoyed this day. We took over an open-air mall in the middle of Santa Barbara called Paseo Nuevo. The way it all worked is the Boyz put on a little show for the big crowd that showed up. By the way, a huge thanks to the thousands that took the afternoon off to show up and party with us. It was a phenomenal crowd and they were fired up. After the Boyz got done, our “boys” got up and sang so poorly that whales were congregating off the coast. One of my favorite parts of the day was standing offstage with the band while the guys made us all endure their rendition of “I’ll Make Love To You.” We were laughing so hard we could barely contain ourselves. Everybody had fun with it and it was a great experience.

The best part of the day was something you didn’t get to see on the show. After the guys finished, I got the real Boyz to get back up and sing a few of their classic hits. The crowd went wild and Andi and her guys got up on stage and started dancing with them. That night the guys continued to discuss what a catch Andi really is. Marcus snagged his first kiss but Josh snagged an even better kiss — and in return he snagged the rose.

Andi’s date with JJ was an ambitious one. It had the potential of being a really great day or a really, really bad day. When Andi chose JJ, with all his energy, we all were pretty confident she had made a great choice. Once all the hair and makeup was done it was totally spot-on. My question for Andi and JJ is, “What in the world is up with those voices?” Apparently Andi and JJ think that when you get old you whisper in a really creepy voice.

While this date was going on, back at the house, Ron got a phone call letting him know a good friend of his had passed away. Ron understandably was incredibly upset and felt like he needed to go home immediately. This all happened quickly and Andi was an hour away up north in Santa Barbara. With Ron already gone we decided the best thing to do was wait until after her date with JJ to tell her that Ron had gone home. I sat Andi down at her hotel room in Santa Barbara to let her know everything we knew about the situation. Because of that news the cocktail party obviously got off to a rather somber start.

I remember watching that night and feeling bad for Eric as he finally got some solid one-on-one time with Andi only to interrupted by a flower delivery man. Nick took it upon himself to send Andi flowers. I can’t believe as long as we’ve been doing this show that Nick is the first person to send a woman flowers. It was a great move and it made a huge impression on Andi. Well played, sir!

There was some drama during the cocktail party surrounding Andrew. There’s a bit of a disagreement as to what happened but here’s how I see it: Andrew hit on a waitress and got her digits, then bragged about it to all the guys. Or a waitress shoved her number in Andrew’s hand and he mentioned it to the guys but he’s not sure why anyone is even talking about it. Either way, here’s my question for the boys: If it’s such a big deal and it bothered them so much, why didn’t anyone say anything the moment it happened? I look forward to getting to the bottom of this at The Men Tell All special.

One last nugget from the Andrew incident. Josh delivered one of my favorite lines that a guy can ever say in an argument: “I’m a grown-ass man!” I’ve heard this many times over the years and it never ceases to leave an impression on me. For the record if you have to tell people you’re a “grown-ass man”, well…

During the rose ceremony it was a bad night for guys with names starting with a “B,” as Brett and Bradley went home. Tonight is round two of our two-night Bachelorette event. We leave the comfort of the Bachelor mansion, pack our bags and make our first stop on a trip that will take us on a worldwide adventure. I’ll be right back here tomorrow with another blog giving you my thoughts on tonight’s dramatic and incredibly emotional episode that I know will have everyone talking.

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