So the other day I wander into Tina Jordan’s office — it’s full of books and a cozy rocking chair and she doesn’t (seem to) mind when I want to sit and rock amongst her books — and in the middle of telling her about my weekend (because, duh) I spot Emily Giffin‘s new book, The One & Only.

Immediately, I stop telling her about Memorial Day Weekend in the Midwest (weirdly, she hasn’t asked me to resume the stories), rip the book from her shelf, and when it’s finally in hand, ask if I can borrow her copy.

As you can imagine a lady with thousands of books would, she said yes, but did so while warning me that she wasn’t a fan.

Unfortunately — and I say this with great hesitation, because I generally enjoy Giffin — neither am I. It feels forced, the writing is unnecessarily, and sometimes incomprehensibly, lofty, the characters’ chemistry seems unnatural, and all her charms from Something Borrowed/Something Blue/subsequent character spin-offs lack their usual sheen.

So if you’re looking for a light, girlish read for your summer trips and weekends, this might not be it (sorry!), but the previous six Giffin books are a pretty good place to start! That catalog is here.

What are some other great summer reads? Anything you’re taking to the beach with you?