A tribute to some of the memorable men and women who courageously gave their lives to the 2013-14 television season

Joffrey Baratheon, Game of Thrones
The ruler of the Seven Kingdoms unknowingly took his own life when he drank a sip of poison. His earthly pleasures included beheadings and stylish gowns.

Peggy Kenter & Lamar Wyatt, Nashville
Sneaky Peggy fell victim to a botched assassination attempt, while deceitful Lamar succumbed to a heart attack. Heartbreaking indeed.

Will Gardner, The Good Wife
No one can say the bright star of Lockhart/Gardner didn’t leave it all on the courtroom floor. He’s mourned by ladylove Alicia Florrick and a traumatized Twitterverse.

Allison Argent, Teen Wolf
In lieu of the traditional werewolf pelts, the Argent family requests that donations be made to the National Association for Demon Understanding.

James Novak, Scandal
He was a loving father, middling reporter, and husband to one of Washington’s most powerful monsters (who may have indirectly caused his demise). Also an aspiring gardener.

Joss Carter, Person of Interest
This tough-as-nails cop and single mom took a bullet in the line of duty. She’s remembered as a good detective who worked hard and could do bad all by herself.

Nicholas Brody, Homeland
Secrets and lies — and a hangman’s noose — finally caught up with this double agent. His baby mama, Carrie, honored him with a slo-mo montage and a Sharpie.

Clay Morrow & Tara Knowles, Sons of Anarchy
They were towering figures in the motorcycle community. Despite Tara’s death-by-carving-fork, a BBQ lunch will be held in their honor.

Zoe Barnes, House of Cards
She was a journalist on the right track who ended up on the wrong one. The subsequent memorial service was moving, despite slight delays due to construction.

Lizzie, The Walking Dead
She was a well-intentioned tween whose pastimes included stabbing her sister and almost smothering a baby. Lizzie is survived by the zombie apocalypse.