Matt Bomer
Credit: Michael Rozman/Warner Bros.

Matt Bomer appears on The Ellen DeGeneres Show today to promote his new HBO film, The Normal Heart but it’s another movie, Magic Mike, that ends up stealing the spotlight (as strippers tend to do).

As soon as DeGeneres says those two little words, conjuring images of hot men in Speedos, the ladies in the audience start losing their minds. She asks Bomer — who played a dancer in the film loosely based on co-star Channing Tatum’s experience as a stripper — for scoop on Magic Mike 2.

“My understanding is it’s gonna start this fall,” Bomer says. “And I think Channing announced recently that it’s about… it’s kind of a road trip film that leads to a stripper convention.” (This, of course, leads to plenty of “woooos!” from the audience.)

Bomer explains that stripper conventions are a real thing. “Only the best of the best make it. And it’s a strip-off to the death,” he jokes.

In case Bomer hasn’t yet decided on his wardrobe for the sequel, DeGeneres then gifts him with some choices: a teensy cop-themed number with handcuffs and badge; more modest, bright orange construction worker shorts; a sparkly clown getup; and Ellen-branded, hot pink boxer briefs with faux butt cheeks. Bomer is quite excited about the presents: “Oh, I love all of these!” he says.

DeGeneres — who also helped the actor set up a Twitter account during his visit — gives this advice: “Tweet each one of these out and let followers decide what they want to see you in. If you wear these and tweet these you’re gonna get a lot of followers.”

Check out the full exchange — including Bomer showing off some of his moves — in the clip below:

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