After a sad theatrical release, Coen brothers' film, ''Gambit,'' is hoping for a second chance via VOD

By Anthony Breznican
May 30, 2014 at 04:00 AM EDT

Wait, there’s a movie with Cameron Diaz and Colin Firth, with a script by the Coen brothers, and…it was released in just 10 theaters on April 25? Yep, that’s what happened with the art-caper farce Gambit. Blame weak overseas box office and poor early reviews for sidetracking the comedy, which has been on the shelf since 2012. But all isn’t lost. CBS Films is also releasing Gambit on VOD. “It’s a good alternative to blowing something out [via a big theatrical release] and hoping you skate by,” says studio spokesman Grey Munford. And there may be a happy ending: In its first week, the film hit No. 5 on the iTunes comedy list.