We share the hot, new hardcovers we love

By EW Staff
Updated May 30, 2014 at 04:00 AM EDT

The Book of You, Claire Kendal
Minutes after you dip into Kendal’s novel, you’ll know what it’s like to be a woman who’s being stalked — and by the end, your heart will thump and your shirt will get clammy with nervous sweat.

How To Write Anything, Laura Brown
Now, this is a reference book worth owning! Brown offers crisp, succinct advice on how to write better complaint letters, business emails, apology notes, and much more. Especially helpful are the visual “Do” and “Don’t” charts next to each example.

Off Course, Michelle Huneven
In Huneven’s thrill ride of a novel, a Ph.D. student who can’t seem to finish her dissertation moves to her parents’ ramshackle summer cottage in the Sierras — but instead of gaining focus, she spins completely out of control.

Over Easy, Mimi Pond
[Graphic Novel]
This hard-edged yet weirdly heartwarming semiautobiographical novel by an artist and one-time writer for The Simpsons beautifully evokes the druggy countercultures of 1970s Oakland from the point of view of a sardonic art-school dropout who’s navigating real adulthood for the first time.

The Price of Silence, William D. Cohan
Alcohol, sex, race, class, college athletics, and private-school culture collide in this tale of the Duke lacrosse scandal. Though the book tops 600 pages, the narrative is so absorbing you won’t notice. This is investigative journalism at its finest.