May 30, 2014 at 06:00 PM EDT

Remember the days when network cancelations felt absolutely irreversible? I’m sure networks do. But a world with Kickstarter, Netflix, Hulu, social media, and all things interactive, cancelation has morphed from a death knell to a possible new beginning.

As Veronica Mars fans know, if you want more of your favorite story, it’s not impossible to get your wish — and in their case, they helped to make the revival happen. The latest example: Community getting canceled, only to be in talks for a Hulu pickup. If Community ends up getting its #sixseasons, could Hulu become TV’s newest superhero? And if so, which other shows would we like to see it rescue?

Personally, my top picks are easy: Southland and Enlisted. Southland, the critically acclaimed cop drama, ended last spring after five seasons of top-notch storytelling — but the show’s story was far from over. Proof: The finale left a major character fighting for his life. So will the rumors of a Southland movie (and/or new season) come true? We know the actors are interested, so half the work is already done, Hulu. Now you can do the rest.

As for Enlisted: The military comedy was canceled by Fox in its first season after the network refused to even give it a fighting chance during. And with its four final episodes airing on Sundays in June, the show might have an opportunity to prove its worth to a new buyer. Hulu, we’re looking at you. You’d be a fool to pass up such a hilarious show — one that deserved better than it got from its network home.

Before you tell us what shows you’d want Hulu to revive, check out some other staff picks:

Ariana Bacle: When United States of Tara ended, we thought all of Tara’s alters were dead — that is, until the final scene, when we saw some of them were actually as alive as ever. Knowing that Tara was still struggling with her demons at the series’ end was unsatisfying, so giving the show just one more season would give us the chance to really see Tara say goodbye to them — and give us a chance to really say goodbye to Tara.

Ben Boskovich: Cliché as it is, as a young man with dreams of New York City, watching HBO’s How To Make It In America kept the dream alive. I’ve since moved to NYC, and now all I have to inspire my inner hustle is actual New York. I need more, Hulu. How ’bout it?

Erin Strecker: It would never happen, but could Hulu be the place to finally revive my beloved Gilmore Girls and give it the ending it deserves? An eight-episode miniseries set in the future could be just the ticket for a perfect return trip to Stars Hollow.

Lanford Beard: Super Fun Night! Ooooh, actually, Hello Ladies. Basically, all the shows Nate Torrence was in.

Jacob Shamsian: Futurama has been canceled twice now, and there’s no reason why it has to stop at two. If Matt Groening can get the rest of the Planet Express crew on board, the show can go back to being the smartest sitcom around.

Chancellor Agard: Happy Endings ended before any of were ready for it to end, and we never got to see a Dave and Penny coupling. And I can’t be the only person who wants to know if Sarah regained her memories after Chuck kissed her in the final moments of Chuck‘s closer.

What are your picks?

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