• Josh Brolin (No Country for Old Men) is reportedly voicing a CGI Thanos in Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy. He’ll be joining fellow voice actors Bradley Cooper (Rocket Raccoon) and Vin Diesel (Groot) in the James Gunn-directed pic, which also stars Zoe Saldana, Chris Pratt, and Lee Pace. Thanos, a nihilistic purple supervillain, was introduced briefly in the post-credits sequence of The Avengers and is expected to be the main foe in Avengers: The Age of Ultron (May 1, 2015), which will be a more prominent role than his Guardians part. EW’s Darren Franich actually proposed Brolin as an option to voice the part back in 2012 — although folks seemed to prefer Gary Oldman, “anybody from Game of Thrones,” Ian McShane, and Ray Winstone to the W. star. [Latino Review]

• Josh Brolin has also boarded director Denis Villeneuve‘s thriller Sicario, starring Emily Blunt and Benicio Del Toro. He will not be a CGI monster in this movie, but rather the head of a CIA task force on the hunt for a drug lord in Mexico. [Variety]

• Anna Camp will reprise her role as Aubrey Posen in Pitch Perfect 2 (May 15, 2015) for director Elizabeth Banks. [THR]

• Cuba Gooding Jr. (Jerry Maguire) will play activist and attorney Fred Gray in Ava DuVernay‘s civil rights movement drama Selma, starring David Oyelowo as Martin Luther King Jr. The Wire‘s Wendell Pierce has also joined to play the part of Rev. Hosea Williams. [Deadline; THR]

• Will Smith has dropped out of the sci-fi thriller Brilliance due to timing. [Deadline]

• Downton Abbey‘s Elizabeth McGovern and Jonathan Pryce (Brazil) have joined the cast of Simon CurtisThe Woman in Gold. [Deadline]

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