B.J. Novak’s Instagram followers already know that the comedian is really into photographing text — generally, those are the only kinds of photos he posts. And now, he’s bringing that idea to the world of children’s books with his upcoming The Book With No Pictures.

Novak premiered the book’s cover on his Twitter and Instagram accounts Friday morning. It features — you guessed it — nothing but text.

He also posted the book’s back cover — also sans photos — which contains a warning that while “this book looks serious,” it’s “actually COMPLETELY RIDICULOUS!” Considering Novak wrote for and starred on quirky workplace comedy The Office, we believe him.

The reason for Novak’s whole “no pictures” stance? “I wanted to write a book that would introduce the youngest of kids to the idea that words can be their allies — that the right words can be as fun, exciting, and ridiculous as any pictures,” Novak said in a statement earlier this year. “Also, I can’t draw.” Ah, there we go.

Novak has already published one book this year, One More Thing: Stories and Other Stories. The Book With No Pictures, published by Penguin Kids, is his first foray into children’s books and will hit stores September 30.