Shonda Rhimes is a woman of many talents. When she’s not busy running her production company, the Grey’s Anatomy and Scandal creator is known for her ability to craft some of television’s greatest characters. She is also responsible for adding “Mc” nicknames and “Gladiator” to our everyday vocabulary.

Oh, and she’s live-blogging the Scripps National Spelling Bee. Like, right now.

The event’s semi-finals take place this morning; the finals air at 8 p.m. ET on ESPN. In the meantime, you can catch Rhimes’ live-blog here. And don’t worry, she’s no stranger to the likes of the Bee — watching and commenting on the Super Bowl for smart kids has been an annual tradition for Rhimes, so that live blog is in the hands of an expert.

“I think for me the excitement or the interest is that it feels like one of the few times on a big scale we are celebrating smart. We are making stars out of people because they are brainiacs, not athletic or pretty,” she tells West Palm Beach’s WPTV 5. “I grew up in Illinois, in the suburbs of Chicago, but really I grew up everywhere. I grew up in books, I spent all my time reading. My idea of rebellion was, when my parents, who were academics, would tell me to go outside and socialize and get some fresh air, I would tuck a book down the back of my pants, and go to the backyard and start reading again. I’m definitely one of those kids.”