By EW Staff
May 28, 2014 at 01:30 PM EDT

From sob-inducing montages to upbeat dance breaks, EW’s TV Jukebox has made a mission of chronicling the best musical moments and emerging artists from your favorite shows. And though we’ve singled out more than 1,000 songs over the past three years, those tracks owe their power to countless “show tunes” that came before them.

Now, with another TV season behind us — and with the cream of the TV Jukebox crop anointed from both spring 2014 and fall 2013 — let’s look back at some of the most moving, magical, and memorable music-on-TV moments of all time. We collected some EW staffers’ highlights — and want to hear yours as well. (Submit your picks in the comments below or tweet @EW using #tvjukebox.)

While you delve into your own aural history, Jukeboxers, check out these staff selections:

Six Feet Under

The song: Sia, “Breathe Me”

The hook: The gold standard in small-screen closing montages, Sia Furler’s ballad underscored the sweeping, six-and-a-half-minute conclusion to Alan Ball’s HBO drama as Claire Fisher (Lauren Ambrose) drove across the country and away from Fisher-Diaz funeral home, envisioning the lives — and deaths — of her entire family. Nearly a decade after the series wrapped, there still aren’t enough tissues. —Leah Greenblatt, Melissa Maerz, Danielle Nussbaum, Kyle Ryan, and Amy Wilkinson

Grey’s Anatomy

The song: Snow Patrol, “Chasing Cars”

The hook: “If I lay here, if I just lay here. Would you lie with me and just forget the world?” In the scene that saw Grey’s emerge as a musical taste-maker, Izzie (Katherine Heigl) accepted the consequences of gambling with the life of her love Denny (Jeffrey Dean Morgan). Best/worst prom song ever. R.I.P. Denny! —Amy Wilkinson

My So-Called Life

The song: Buffalo Tom, “Late at Night”

The hook: All it took was the sight of two hands interweaving to create one of TV’s swooniest moments — Jordan Catalano (Jared Leto) publicly declared his feelings for Angela Chase (Claire Danes). The Boston alt rockers are now firmly entombed in the mid-’90s, but their song lives in Gen X-ers’ hearts forever. —Lanford Beard


The song: Icona Pop, “I Love It”

The hook: One of TV Jukebox’s Best Song of Spring 2013, the Swedish duo’s infectious hit provided out-of-this-world accompaniment (as in, “I’m the Milky Way, you want me down on Earth, but I am up in space”) to a coke-fueled dance party for Hannah (Lena Dunham) and Elijah (Andrew Rannells). —Leah Greenblatt

Family Ties

The song: Billy Vera & The Beaters, “At This Moment”

The hook: The love theme of Alex P. Keaton (Michael J. Fox) and his girlfriend Ellen (Tracy Pollan) effectively doubles as a real-life anthem for Fox and Pollan, who’ve been married since 1988. —Jeff Labrecque

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles

The song: Johnny Cash, “The Man Comes Around”

The hook: A few shows have used this Johnny Cash ditty, but its very first appearance here was the best, with dead FBI agents falling en masse into a motel swimming pool. —Dalton Ross

The Sopranos

The song: Journey, “Don’t Stop Believin'”

The hook: Before Steve Perry & Co.’s 1981 power ballad became Glee‘s signature tune, it provided the soundtrack for one of the most jarring, debate-stirring series closers of all t–[cut to black] —Lanford Beard

The Mindy Project

The song: Aaliyah, “Try Again”

The hook: Another Jukebox favorite from this season. Who knew Danny had it in him? Chris Messina broke out some serious moves in the Project‘s midseason finale. No wonder Mindy (Mindy Kaling) fell for him. —Nina Terrero

The O.C.

The song: Imogen Heap, “Hallelujah”

The hook: Though Heap’s “Hide and Seek” became a proto-meme after its use in season 2, her rendition of Leonard Cohen’s 1984 chiller during season 3’s finale breathed new life into the much-covered track (Jeff Buckley’s version had appeared in the season 1 finale) even as the death of Marissa (Mischa Barton) signaled a major turning point for the series. —Samantha Highfill


The song: The Ronettes, “Be My Baby”

The hook: Paving the path for countless will-they-or-won’t they couples and a bevy of first times that struck a chord, it took nearly four seasons for David (Bruce Willis) and Maddie (Cybill Shepherd) to have their pyrotechnic make-love-not-war hook-up to the girl group’s 1963 hit. —Lanford Beard

Your turn, Jukeboxers! Post submissions in the comments below (or tweet @EW using #tvjukebox), then check back this weekend for the full Spotify playlist of TV Jukebox’s All-Time Greatest Hits.