By Amber Ray
Updated May 28, 2014 at 08:50 PM EDT

Did 50 Cent really throw the worst first pitch in baseball history Tuesday night? When the rapper tossed the ceremonial ball before the New York Mets-Pittsburgh Pirates game, Fiddy nearly took out a photographer standing at what normally would have been deemed a safe distance from home plate. It was, by all accounts, terrible.

But 50 Cent has plenty of competition when it comes to Most Embarrassing Pitching Performance by a Celebrity. And for some reason, musical artists in particular seem to be lacking in throwing skills. Here are the 10 wildest first pitches by pop stars, rappers, and rockers, ranked from nearly hittable to hittable if they’re suddenly playing golf.

Tre Cool (Green Day drummer)

The ball is a bit high, and its trajectory concerned the cameraman enough to make him take a quick side-step, but the drummer’s pitch at least makes it over the batter’s box.

Justin Bieber

The Canadian export attempts America’s pastime and… doesn’t entirely suck at it. Sure, his pitch is out of the strike zone, but it’s still catchable.

Pete Wentz (Fall Out Boy bassist / lyricist)

The bassist’s throw is high but straight. The embarrassment points come from apparently needing his entire band on the pitcher’s mound for support.


The best part about this pitch is the rapper’s explanation for its wild path:

Kim Kardashian

Technically, the reality star is — or perhaps more accurately, was — a singer. And technically, we’re not entirely sure which ball thrown here is hers, because she makes the first pitch along with three other members of the Kardashian Klan. But technically, all four throws are lousy anyway.

Mariah Carey

What’s more cringe-worthy: Mimi’s ’90s style or her straight-to-the-ground toss?

Sunny (Girls’ Generation)

The South Korean pop band Girls’ Generation is responsible for a bunch of saccharine singles and some really bad pitches. Sunny gets props for her acrobatic windup, but the ball never makes it across the plate.

Jessica (Girls’ Generation)

Seriously. These balls are spending more time on the ground than in the air. In Jessica’s defense, that fuzzy mitt — and the fact that she’s pitching to a professional batter! — would distract anyone.

Tiffany (Girls’ Generation)

Maybe the women of Girls’ Generation simply think “baseball” is “bowling”.

Carly Rae Jepsen

The “Call Me Maybe” singer’s throw will forever be a contender for worst first pitch. Just watch: