Jaden Smith

Best dressed at Kimye’s wedding goes to…

Jaden Smith. Sorry, Kim!

Will and Jada Pinkett Smith’s 15-year-old son showed off his white Batman costume in some photobooth pictures with members of the Kardashian clan at Saturday’s wedding:

Here’s Smith between Joe Francis and Kourtney Kardashian in what may be the most awkward photo of all time: Girls Gone Wild founder Francis doesn’t know how to smile, Kourtney is wishing Ben Affleck were the one photobombing, and Smith is all, “I don’t know what I’m doing here, but I’m going to pretend to be a ballerino anyway.” Frame-worthy.

Then he photobombed Kris Jenner and Johnny Depp (it’s really hair stylist Clyde Haygood, for those of you who value accuracy), in a photo that turned out to be much more rock-n-roll than the previous attempt. Plus, Haygood took the time to make up a new hashtag to describe Smith’s attire: “#albinobatman.” Can’t wait for that one to catch on.

After seeing this, we have to ask: Did Smith change into this attire for the reception, or did he also rock the superhero costume during the ceremony? Did he know it’s rude to wear white on someone else’s wedding day? Is Smith the next, next Batman? So many questions! But one question we know the answer to: Yes, Smith’s maybe-homemade costume is cooler than the new Batman one. #NoDisrespecttoBenAffleck.