In A Million Ways to Die in the West, Seth MacFarlane needs all the help he can get to win back his lady (Amanda Seyfried) after he loses her in a duel. But we did not see aid coming in the form of a 1980s “weather experiment.”

In a new TV spot for the film, what could have been one of the comedy’s biggest surprises is revealed: Christopher Lloyd makes a cameo appearance as Doc Brown, his time-traveling scientist from the Back to the Future franchise. His beloved DeLorean even shows up. Take a look at the trailer below:

The gag ties into Back to the Future Part III, when Doc travels back to the old West and remains there with his new gal (Mary Steenburgen).

In this new marketing strategy, MacFarlane also tweeted out this pic with his special guest star:

A Million Ways to Die in the West hits theaters May 30.

A Million Ways to Die in the West
  • Movie
  • 116 minutes