Braff co-wrote, directed, and stars in the indie dramedy ''Wish I Was Here'' (out July 18); here, he shares his favorite songs


The Verve, ”Lucky Man”
This song makes me feel lucky to be alive. I once rented a Jeep on a vacation in the summer and played it on repeat nonstop.

Alexi Murdoch, ”All of My Days”
Alexi’s song ”Orange Sky” was in Garden State, but not on the soundtrack. His voice warms my heart.

Blind Melon, ”Change”
I cranked this in my Nissan 240SX before each of my six Scrubs auditions.

Lissie, ”When I’m Alone”
I can’t believe Lissie’s not a household name yet. She should be. She will be.

Pearl Jam, ”I Am Mine”
My brother Joshua was playing this in his house one day and I was reminded how much I love it.