Conan O'Brien's new label releases Ian Edwards debut album ''100 percent Half-Assed''

By Kyle Anderson
Updated May 23, 2014 at 04:00 AM EDT

Fresh off a contract renewal that will keep him on TBS through 2018, Conan O’Brien is about to expand his comedy empire with the help of a longtime guest performer. Ian Edwards, the veteran stand-up comedian whose career was jump-started when he began appearing on Late Night With Conan O’Brien in 2007, will release his debut album, 100 percent Half-Assed, on June 10, marking the first release on O’Brien’s new label, Team Coco Records. “I know a lot of people are famous or successful because they were first at something, and I thought this was a great place to be first at something,” explains Edwards, 42. “It’s a very reputable comedy establishment, [and] they had the technical capabilities and the people to do it.” Edwards had been shopping the album around to a handful of labels, but when the Team Coco option came up, the search for a shingle ended. “We wanted to give Ian his first shot,” says Conan supervising producer J.P. Buck. “That was the genesis of the idea. When the next right project comes along, we’ll do that, too.” Adds O’Brien’s executive producer Jeff Ross, “Conan has always been looking for new voices. Look at who starred on the old Late Night show: Amy Poehler, Jack McBrayer, Louis C.K.”

The release of 100 percent Half-Assed will be a watershed moment for Edwards, who has also written for CBS’ 2 Broke Girls and continues to do stand-up spots on Conan. ”My last appearance was as nerve-racking as my first,” he admits. ”They had a dummy in the back that they probably used in a sketch or something, and I shadowboxed the s— out of it.”