Does singer-guitarist Paul Stanley, 62, really need to explain why you'd be an idiot to miss the rock legends' 40th-anniversary tour? Just in case...

By Kyle Anderson
May 23, 2014 at 04:00 AM EDT

Killer Set List
”We’re always faced with the dilemma of what songs do we change. Do we leave out ‘Rock and Roll All Nite’? ‘Calling Dr. Love’? ‘God of Thunder’? The list goes on and on. We are making a real effort this time to keep the absolute gems. Will we shake it up some? Sure. But will you hear the songs that you expect? Absolutely.”

Killer Lighting
”I designed a stage set that is being received as the best thing we’ve done. It’s basically a spider, and the legs are lit from within and from the outside and the legs can move. It’s about creating a Kiss world, a Kiss environment. This is the direction I’m sure other bands will find themselves going in. It’s not hard to follow what we do — but you’ll never lead us.”

Killer Stagecraft
”Will there be bombs? Of course. Will a guitar be sacrificed? Absolutely! Will there be flying through the air? Well, who better than us? We are training to ride bicycles in eight-inch heels across a wire — but we haven’t reached that point yet.”

Killer Band Members
”The lineup is everything that each lineup has been at its best, and more. This is a band that has tremendous pride in what they’re doing, as opposed to some previous lineups where people were looking to punch a clock, get paid, and try to figure how the band could further their career as opposed to how they could further Kiss.”

Killer Tourmates
”This is the 40th-anniversary tour, and Def Leppard is with us. Their catalog is virtually a jukebox. This makes for a night when everybody wins.”