The actor turns author with ''Nightmares!''

By Stephan Lee
Updated May 23, 2014 at 04:00 AM EDT

We’ve seen him dance with Muppets and sing in Dracula musicals, so it’s obvious that Jason Segel, 34, is in touch with his inner child. It makes sense, then, that he has a middle-grade book series coming out. Nightmares! — co-written with Kirsten Miller and adapted from the first screenplay Segel ever sold (the movie was never made) — centers on a group of kids trying to save their town from fear itself. The former How I Met Your Mother star counts author Roald Dahl and movies like The Goonies and Labyrinth as inspirations. But he also draws on his own childhood fears. ”I had terrible night terrors when I was a kid,” says Segel. ”I had a strange recurring nightmare of witches eating my toes, which I did use in my book. They didn’t want all of me, just my toes.”