Credit: Mark Davis/Getty Images

We’ve all been there. You start belting out a song you love — maybe after imbibing a few drinks — and you’re confident. You’re pretty sure you are Annie Lennox. Then comes the forgettable wasteland of the second verse, and you trail off into just making yodeling noises. Er…

That just happened to Steven Tyler — but he was singing his own song. Tyler was in Lithuania for an Aerosmith concert when he came across two street musicians playing his 1994 hit, “Crazy.” The American Idol and Lace-Up Leather Pants Idol jumped in to sing along, but only got a few bars before clearly forgetting the lyrics. Granted, Aerosmith’s frontman has been at this for many years and has a million songs, so some things are bound to slip his mind. We love him because he’s flighty and kooky and has the fashion sense of King Louis XIV as a contestant on RuPaul’s Drag Race. So what if he drops a few lyrics here and there? Bottom line: He made the girls’ day.

For the full song, harken back to the great year of 1994 when Steven Tyler was featuring his daughter Liv and Alicia Silverstone as private school girls run amok. Nothing creepy about that.