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When Fox announced its new reality series, I Wanna Marry “Harry”, many viewers flashed back to 2003 and the days of Joe Millionaire — a.k.a. the first time women were fooled into fighting for a man’s heart on TV, only to find out he wasn’t who he said he was.

But other than the whole Prince Charming angle, is there much of a difference between Joe and “Harry”? People asked Joe Millionaire winner Zora Sabrina (formerly known as Zora Andrich) to chime in. As she put it, “Just when I thought they’ve covered every reality show idea … Fox is at it again! I suppose it has been a decade, so in all fairness, a good deceptive reality show was due.”

Despite the “feelings of uncertainty and insecurity” she claimed she felt while watching the new show, Sabrina still had some thoughts on the contestants. “At first glance, I like Kimberly,” she wrote. “She said something along the lines of how she doesn’t care to be with a prince, just someone who cares for her and treats her well and she seems genuine. Matt a.k.a. Harry comes across as sincere, earnest and naturally uncertain of how, if at all, he can successfully pull off this hoax. And, the masquerade ball premiere couldn’t be more apropos: Let the mystery and deception begin!”

As far as the other women were concerned, here’s what Sabrina had to say: “Fox has equally selected a fun mix of 12 personalities: Overly confident, overly guileless and overly trusting. Goodness, where do they find these women (sympathetic smile)?”

That said, the ex-reality star admits, she personally “never felt bothered” by Joe Millionaire‘s premise. “I was more caught off guard after seeing the first preview and learning the [show’s] working title, The Big Choice, was changed to Joe Millionaire,” she explained. “I felt like there was a lot more judgment directed at participants who would partake in a show with ‘millionaire’ in the title.”

So, will these girls really believe they’re dating a prince? “It certainly feels a little far fetched, but I’m sure some of the contestants will fall for the misrepresentation,” said Sabrina. “Others will likely know or at the very least, suspect, they are not dating the real Harry.” One can only hope, right?

I Wanna Marry Harry

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