By Dalton Ross
May 21, 2014 at 12:00 PM EDT
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After 39 days and approximately 412 promises made on relatives both alive and dead, the contestants of Survivor: Cagayan were whittled down from 18 to 1 tonight and a winner was crowned. My full recap will be up later, [UPDATE: Dalton’s Survivor recap is now live!] but read on now if you want to find out or sound off on who won. [SPOILER ALERT: Read on only if you have already watched Wednesday’s season finale of Survivor: Cagayan.]

It’s as if Colby Donaldson took momentary possession of Woo Hwang’s body. How else to explain Woo’s decision to bring the unbeatable Tony instead of completely beatable Kass with him to the final 2? It brought back memories of Colby’s choice back in season 2 to bring the much more deserving Tina instead of lackluster Keith. That decision cost Colby a million dollars then, and it cost Woo a million dollars now as Tony Vlachos was voted the Sole Survivor and winner of a million dollars by the jury.

In the cruelest twist of all, Woo only beat Kass by a mere second in the final immunity challenge. Had Kass won instead, she would have most likely taken Woo to the finals with her, where he would have won the million dollars over the most unpopular player in the entire game. So, in essence, Woo lost the game by winning the challenge. Ouch.

So after a season of playing every single minute at 100 miles hour — he was even still looking for clues after everybody had already been voted out — Tony emerged victorious, providing a satisfying ending to scintillating season that ranks among Survivor’s very best.

Earlier on in the episode, Spencer was voted out after Kass completed a remarkable comeback in the first immunity challenge in front of their loved ones. It was after that vote that Woo and Kass pledged to not be so dumb as to take Tony to the finals, with Woo even proclaiming that “I’d be the stupidest Survivor player taking Tony to the end.” Apparently, he lived up (or down, as it were) to his own comment, bringing Tony after he won the final challenge to show honor and loyalty. Unfortunately, that honor and loyalty cost Woo a million dollars.

My full recap will be up soon. [UPDATE: Dalton’s Survivor recap is now live!] Plus, keep an eye out for interviews with the final four as well as Jeff Probst giving his thoughts on the finale as well as offering exclusive intel on NEXT season. And for Survivor scoop sent right to you, follow me on Twitter @DaltonRoss. But now it’s your turn to weigh in. Did the right person win? Did Woo blow it? And what did you think of the Survivor: Cagayan finale as a whole? Hit the message boards to let us know.

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